SportsEngine Sport Management Recenzje App


How about you support the iPad in landscape mode?

Can't download schedule to phone calendar :(

This app says it has so many functions, but I have not been able to figure out how to automatically add events to the calendar on my phone. The map is not working for me. Also can't figure out how to "chat". I do like that I can see multiple teams in the schedule but there is definitely room for improvement.

Frustrating download process

I’m not sure how well this app is- I spent more time on this then when I did my taxes. This was a horrible experience to download the app. I hope it isn’t a sign of what is to come with interaction with the app.

No calendar integration!

Please, please, please add calendar integration so that the schedule feature is useful. Great to know when practice and games are, but when I have to manually add these to my digital calendar, I may as well be working from paper, not SportsEngine. :( TeamSnap has a perfect ‘add to iOS’ etc. calendar integration that would be great to see implemented into SportsEngine.

Nice alternative to TeamSnap

Was not as intuitive and easy to set up at first, but vastly improved and easy to use and follow multiple teams.

Why no app icon badges?

So overall I’ve been really pleased with the app. I can manage most of what my kid’s team needs from us which is helpful. One thing that is really missing is the app badge with notifications for chat. We use the chat feature constantly and nothing. You have to login, click your team and then into chat to get caught up. Why not have an app badge to show how many unread messages? Other competing sports team apps do it and it seems a glaring omission. Please consider in future updates.


This app is awful to try to create an account on! Terrible when I put my email in and not found then put in Forget password and no email found!! Just terrible!

Cheap and slow!

Some of the basics, such as to favorite a Team, does not work properly. I have added multiple times and then our team does show on favorites. It also takes forever to load.


Turned off in Sports Engine, turned off in phone settings, still getting notifications! SportsEngine contacted me asking for my login information about 2 months ago, so they could get started on my problem. Gave them the login info at that time. Today they asked again for the login information so they could get started on my problem.

Can not get The chat option

I am unable to get the chat option loaded up on my app. I have no idea why it is doing this and I can’t get a reply from anyone at SportsEngine

All my teams are gone now

After downloading the the version of this app, both my daughters teams are now missing.

Not working as supposed to

I downloaded the app and selected the team I am coaching, however, every time I close the app, the team I favorited disappear and I have to search for it again. Is there a solution for that?

Horrible. Would give ZERO stars if possible

Horrible site. In between old format and new. Navigation difficult. Very-confusing as to how to make a payment to your organization.You cannot speak with a real person on the phone about site problems unless you are an administrator. Customer service is almost non existent. You have to painstakingly attempt to articulate your problem texting an SE associate. Time consuming and fruitless.

Dumbest setup for families

Getting started is just plain awful. No excuse for having to add family members separately or being unable to intuitively link family members to all rosters. I hate SE.

Simply does not work

I’ve used other team management programs and am a programmer myself. SE is terrible.

Rob seth11111111

Team snap is much better and more user friendly

Many issues

I have been trying to get help from customer service and it seems no one is available. At this time I am only able to see info on my desktop, while it says we are not linked to a team on the app! Very frustrating.

Adding photos is a pain

You can only add one photo at a time and not from a computer, so if you and to add pictures from a device besides your phone you can’t do it. Would be nice to select multiples from and SD card and to be able to put them in albums by games.

Not User Friendly

No as easy to use as Blue Star sports app. Computer access very different from app.

Won’t save my team

Every time I log in I have to search for my team. I hit the star but when I close out and go back in I’m searching again. Missing team snap at this point!


We have signed up and still get nothing. No idea what our daughter is supposed to do on the soccer team or when anything in. We may have to pull her off the team because of this. No instructions or info anywhere. Very frustrating.

Very disappointing

Not user friendly at all. Group me is much better

Sports made easy

I’m a coach for youth sports as well as a weekend softball player. This app has revolutionized the way I prepare for both sides. Even as a parent who may have questions about practice or about the sport - the app makes all that accessible within your team chat. ++ I was originally having trouble with one of my teams that another coach set up for us. I reached out for tech support and easily they were able to locate the issue and solve for us. Great customer service.

Great tech support

I had difficulty accessing my team’s account on the SE app. I contacted SE and worked with Mark K. He and his team were very responsive. They quickly identified the problem and pointed me to a solution. Thanks Mark!!


Can’t locate my childs team, no notifications, no emails - NOTHING!! Created an account that I can’t delete. Looking for something that works.


This app is terrible!

Easy to use

Super functional and love the calendar tie in!

Not reliable

It’s quirky at best when it comes to its reliability to perform basic functions: video never worked or the news section. They blamed the users network, lame.

Doesn’t Work

1 star is being generous when the app doesn’t work at all.

No Badge Notifications

This app has promise, but until it supports Badge App Icons, it will stay at 2-stars. Good luck if you miss the initial notification of an event. I don’t have time to constantly check the app in fear that I’ve missed something.

Just OK

We prefer TeamSnap...much better service overall.

Doesn’t work

Doesn’t work


Notifications, emails and rosters are not loading. A lot of glitches that need to be fixed.

Limited Functionality w/Photos

Who wants to upload one picture at a time of a baseball tournament? Not this guy. Who would like to be able to select 30 pictures at a time and add them? This guy.

Not working

Look I like the app, but recently it doesn't work. Nothing shows up anymore. No schedule, no teams, nothing. The update didn't fix that issue.

Biggest hunk of crap sports app we’ve used

For some reason my daughter’s club and town soccer teams keep switching apps to communicate with the team. Sports Engine is by far the worst of them all. So many issues with it topped of by my daughters team disappearing from the app. Couldn’t hate this app more. TeamSnap is infinitely better and more user friendly.

Horrible every year. I wish my club would change to a different app.

I hate this app. Pretty much problems with everything I’ve ever encountered. Can’t access most things from the app and have to go to the website. Needs a lot of programming work.

Lacking information

The app is useless if it's doesn't tell me anything. What a waste of a download.


Not all my teams games are in my schedule. I deleted then downloaded the APP to get it to function properly but now the games won’t even n load up on my phone.

Very unfriendly app

This app is very confusing. I am not happy.

Not Multi user friendly

It’s really hard when only one person in the family is primary and others are very secondary. The secondary people have very little access.


My app along with many teammates apps on iPhone finally updated and is better.

So Convenient!

As a coach this app makes my life crazy easy. Players can RSVP to each game and practice so that I can plan drills and lines, and I can input the address for each event so that parents can just click on the link and be taken directly to the field - no more panic emails when the field location changes because I can just change it and everyone knows. The in-app calendar also syncs directly to my and each parent’s google calendar so if practice time changes or a game gets moved back it all communicates real time! Truly organizationally simple and easy to use. My favorite feature is the team chat. Communicating and organizing through long email chains is so difficult but the chat let’s parents contribute, joke around, and organize rides to get their kids to and from practice. Overall this app lets me focus on the coaching side which is really all I’m here to do, thanks for great development Sports Engine!

They fixed my issue!!

There for a while I couldn’t see anything from the team. I was contacted by one of the apps developers & he found out why I couldn’t see anything that I was supposed to be seeing. He reset my account for me & now I can see everything again. A huge thank you for his help!!!!! I’m satisfied with the in depth investigation he did to look into the problem. Thank you for fixing the issue.

It’s goooooood!


Time Zone Issue

This app is a great help until you travel and then come back for the wrong game time! Unless I just can’t figure it out, there is no way to control the time zones (turn off/on in settings) when you travel. We had gone to east coast and thought daughter’s game was at 3:30 (when we looked from east coast). We get back home in central time zone and almost then almost missed the game! Please add something in Settings that allows you to control this yourself. We had several other parents on the team say that this happened to them too! Otherwise a great app!

Works well... when it works

Constantly have issues with Chat feature not working because of, “Network Error.” Multiple devices, users, and ISPs seem to confirm it’s not operator error. Have had to uninstall and reinstall app multiple times. Also, phot uploads one at a time mean last week I received over 100 push notifications over an hour while the team mom uploaded one at a time. It was glorious and killed data on my wireless plan.

Sports Engine Failed me!

Not impressed. Like team snap way better. Worst call our tram took! 🤬🤬

Slow and errors

Need to update your server or something maybe, but I know it’s not my cell service. Same thing happens on PC version on High Speed Office connection. App is useless!

Hasn’t worked properly since I downloaded it two days ago

I run a large sports organization of roughly 40 teams year round. I need quick access to communication for all teams on my phone. This app is a huge disappointment so far and will most likely require that I use a third party app. The roster only loads once every ten attempts or so. Customer service people have been very nice but the product itself is the problem.

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