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Love the app but...

Recent update logs you out too often/easily cutting into the convenience of the app. Was a five before the last update.

Total crap

TeamSnap is way, WAY easier to use.

Half done it all they know how to do.

Like everything else sportngin does this is not finished. Schedule never catches up and will show all schedules back a full year but can barely see the future months. Guys QA your work please. They are more interested in design poor websites then actually managing schedules and teams. Look at Teamsnap for how it should be done.

Update unusable

Great idea with very poor execution. Now the update to 5.0 constantly crashes

Needs more work

This app. serves a basic purpose of getting my sons baseball schedule. Our schedule is set for the season but anytime I try to forecast upcoming dates the app resets the schedule and Im looking at events from 3 months ago. I can only scroll a week in advance and it resets. Its been like this since I downloaded the app. in February. Does Sportsngin even have an IT department? Fix this already.


After new update, all of my teams are missing. It asks me each time to sign in and find my favorite teams. I used to be able to go onto the app and see all my teams. Please fix ASAP


Every time I go into the app, it says that Ive signed out even though I didnt. So, every time, I have to log back in to access my teams.

5/20 release is terrible

Labeled "minor bug fixes", the 5/20 release is anything but. In fact, it changed the interface and introduced some major bugs. The UI no longer has separate tabs for my teams and those Im following. For bugs, it forces me to login every time I access the app. And then, my teams load sometimes and not others...and never fast. The app has been rendered useless. I highly suggest to revert back to your previous release and take this one back in house for some additional QA.

Please fix!

After the last update, the app logs you out automatically as soon as you close it and all of your teams disappear. When you log back on, you have to search for your team--not fun when your organization has multiple teams. Your favorites all are erased as well. Why does TeamSnap work so well but Bonzi and SportNgin never work right?

Annoyingly deleted all your teams

Then forces you to re-log in.

Brutal update...

With this update it kicks you out so you have to log in each time, even worse---you have to search your team every time as well. No point in using it, the "star" favorite is useless. Revert back, please....

Best youth sports app out there!

Love this app! Its been very useful for keeping up with my kids games as well as the youth teams in my area! Very user friendly! 5 stars!!!

Logs you out

This logs you out whenever you close out of the app. It used to work fine but doesnt anymore. Fix this and itll get a better review. It went from 5 stars to 1 star in one update.

Revert now!

New update is complete garbage. Forced to log in every time, then look up my teams all over again since they are no longer listed in "Favorites". This is VERY inconvenient especially when comments/responses to "Posts" do not get sent out as notifications. I have to continually check the site to see responses from other parents and coaches and this now means a complete process is needed EVERY time I open your app. Not exactly helpful to a busy mom on-the-go. Not impressed with the app before. Now? Really glad the season is almost over so I can delete this piece of trash.

Working again

New update fixes the loss of favorites. Turns out it was a login issue as all my favs are back!


I didnt even realize I was supposed to be able to see messages or RSVP within the app, because both of those options are missing. The team manager asked why I wasnt responding to anything and I had to show her my app so we could compare them side by side. Not sure why hers works and mine doesnt. I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and I have the latest update, but still doesnt show messages or RSVPs.


For the user that cant find the RSVP - you have to be logged in or it doesnt know its you so cant send you RSVP info - at least thats what was wrong for a friend using the app. Works for me once logged in too.


Have tried downloading the ap several times for easier schedule navigation instead of the website. Can never find our team in the search engine (and Ive double checked spelling and every possible way the team could be listed). Our team has played in several tourneys sponsored by this ap.


A big congrats to the hometown team making it big! Way to go!

Soccer mom

I wish that when I went into the app and pulled up the event which is the game, I could actually see all the information about the game including the call time, the uniform color, the ref fees, parking location, and any other notes that the team admin wants me to have. Right now it just shows game time and address. Other apps like TeamSnap do a much better job displaying relevant info in the app. I can get it if I log on to the website but not in the app. This needs to be improved before I would recommend this app.

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